Festivals and Events 2019:


Coming in August:

Green the Street will be returning in 2019 to Gregory Terrace at the EKKA showcasing the future of the Green Street. If you have an innovation that you think would work well, get in touch on our contact page!


photoshop street render flatten for website

Past events:

quick verge fest poster.jpg


VERGEFEST! was a roaming street festival and celebration of people-centred street design, DIY sustainable living, and community action.

The festival was spread across verges and backyard gardens from West End to Highgate Hill on the 25th of May and included

Verge Garden Working Bees,
Edible Backyards,
Public Fruit Trees,
Neighbourhood Activism,
Community Gardens,
Street Libraries,
Talks and Sessions,
and Garage Sales.

We welcomed the public on a cycle and walking tour.

quick verge fest poster2.jpg

The Cycle Tour Map: 20190520_Vergefest-Map-Schedule (2)_Page_1.jpg

The Cycle Tour Program:

20190520_Vergefest-Map-Schedule (2)_Page_4.jpg

And check out our Evening Talks and Music program here:


VERGEFEST Coopers Plains:




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Activations 2018:



Green the Street was a  popular addition to the Flower and Garden Precinct at EKKA 2018. The street activation consisted of 4 different sections demonstrating how Gregory Terrace might look in the future. The first of these zones was a tech hub with Australia’s first electric bike sharing hub BYKKO, a Queensland University Engagement booth, an interactive art wall for visitors to paint and draw their vision of the future on and a virtual reality booth showcasing Gregory Terrace in 2043.

The second and third sections featured an urban park with manicured lawns and art walls and an urban ‘rainforest’ full of dense canopy trees, hanging plants, with art interwoven into the built portion of the display. Finally the last section featured an urban agriculture hub full of bees, edibles and orchard trees as well as an innovative self watering apartment green wall system.

Over 30 organisations took part in the pilot in 2018 and it is expected that this number will increase in 2019. The expanded reach ensures that the EKKA retains relevancy into coming decades and with a soft-focus on sustainability will cater to a growing public demand to understand sustainability initiatives and what they look like. The street effectively brings a new demographic to the EKKA, expanding the EKKA’s reach to designers, artists, architects and innovators keen to be part and see the street.


We broke the future street into three different parts to demonstrate how we could easily include the likes of urban agriculture, honey bees, electric bikes and colourful street furniture into our streets while asking visitors what they wanted our future cities to be like. We also asked the visiting public at the EKKA to show us what they thought the street could be and have been bringing their visions to life since then.



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