Design Templates

See below for our suggested design and planting templates. Follow the steps to be able to easily design and plant out a more colourful, friendly and potentially edible verge!

Step 1:  Pick a template that you think suits the space, is relatively easy for you to do and achieves the desired look


Step 2: Look at your verge and determine whether or not its in full sun or has half a day or more being in the shade

Step 3: Decide if you want your verge to include edibles. Do you have the time to maintain it? Or are you looking to just scatter herbs throughout and let the verge be self-sustaining

Step 4: Take a look at the planting options below. Each of the categories have numbers next to them. These numbers directly relate to the numbers inside each of the drawn up areas of the templates. The general rule of thumb is figure out a general area then times it by 3 and you’ll have the number of ideal the plants.

Tip: You can use any of the template layouts for your verge by massaging it and working with the area. If you have a big space the template can be repeated to continued along the entire space.

Below are some planting options in which correlate with the templates above. The numbers reflect the numbers in the templates.

Tip: Mass planting one species in one area surrounded by others can have a more dramatic affect on the space


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